Introducing the garden

Welcome to the first day beginning this blog.

To put you in the picture, the physic garden is very much a work in progress and I am starting from scratch so-to-speak.  There are plants already growing here that are prescribed in our Materia medica and I will individually introduce them to you.  My main task, at present, is clearing the perimeter where a fence once was.  Later, I will mulch and plant hedgerow shrubs and herbs to define the boundary.  But first…clearing.


Let me introduce Ballota nigra L. or Black Horehound.  I found a few straggly samples smothered by the brambles today.  A perennial with a shallow clump of roots, this smelly-leaved, square-stemmed plant has tiny clusters of mauve flowers in late Spring/early Summer that are adored by bees.  We use it as an anti-emetic (prevents sickness) so is a useful addition for morning sickness or/and travel sickness.





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