April and May

Spring madness!  Scythe.  HMAW on the horizon

April 2017

Far too much to do in the garden!

Excitingly, I have invested in an Austrian scythe from Simon Fairlie and have been reading (plus attempting) to scythe paths and unruly vegetation.

The garden layout begins radiating from the Hawthorn (Crateagus oxycantha) where I have arranged beds 1.2m wide….if you squat down at the bed edge and stretch your hand across it, the tips of your fingers mark the centre of the bed in calculating the best width bed for weeding, harvesting etc. without stepping on the bed itself.

Many seeds are sown (in the propagating tunnel) and herb plants dug into the garden….too many to number at present….suffice to say there are minimum 50 species so far for Herbal Medicine Awareness Week (organised by NIMH: National Institute of Medical Herbalists) that falls between 17th-24th June this year (2017).

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May 2017

Well, what a terrible dry April it was.  Luckily, it wasn’t sunny and hot so the plants didn’t die from sunburn but just sat there not moving.  There are a fine number of establishing plants thriving in the greenhouse which will accommodate the beds radiating from the Hawthorn.

These plants may also be bought directly from me, so if you would like to add another perennial into your herbaceous border, come and see me, and them, at Newport Pagnell or Stony Stratford (see calendar for dates).

In the meantime, there is endless weeding and areas are continuously being mulched to suppress them.  Harvesting has begun for the herbal teas that you likewise may buy on the markets, chamomile, elderflower and nettle teas are from this year.


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