Rubus fructicosus  L.

Family:  Rosaceae

Synonyms:  Bumble Kite, Bramble.

Description:  Although a common native there are very many subspecies with various fruit and prickles or pricklets.   The fruits, ripe (black) and green, and the blossoms (pale pink) often appear at the same time.  Grieves informs that the name derives from brambel or brymbyl meaning prickly.  Fruits appear on the second year’s growth.  Leaves are palmate and have pricklets on the leaf spine.

Application:  Use the leaves from the middle of the first year stems.  Thoroughly dry them.   A decoction is made by boiling “two-finger pinches” of herb with a mug of water for 5 minutes and left to infuse for 20 minutes.  Strain.

Use as a gargle with honey for sore throats, laryngitis or tonsillitis.

Drink for astringency requirements in diarrhoea or enteritis.

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