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June 2017

June 2017 This is really just a catch up being aware I haven’t written much of late.  Needless to say, there are plants in their many stages of growth ready to be planted into the garden.  You may meet me at Newport Pagnell and Stony Stratford and buy these plants too.  They make a wonderful […]

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April and May

Spring madness!  Scythe.  HMAW on the horizon April 2017 Far too much to do in the garden! Excitingly, I have invested in an Austrian scythe from Simon Fairlie and have been reading (plus attempting) to scythe paths and unruly vegetation. The garden layout begins radiating from the Hawthorn (Crateagus oxycantha) where I have arranged beds […]

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On my final clearing mission for this Winter.

January 2017 Some larger trunks have been chain sawed; this quickly gives a lot of branches to sort out.  Larger branches are left to dry for fire wood, smaller branches laid in to the dry hedge (see photo) whilst very small used as mulch or just burned. And although it is still Winter, I have […]

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Still at it!

December 2016 Still at it! Have been spending a lot of time clearing and burning these LONG brambles, whilst the Bullfinch chirps away contentedly.  The older, dry, brown bramble branches burn really well. And so much Blackthorn! (or is it Bullace?….will let you know in Springtime!).  These I have been lopping and incorporating in to […]

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Still clearing the boundary!

My hardest battle is, at present, with the rampant Blackberry which, covered with stout based prickles, arches metres long, over everything and lays another root once the tip reaches the ground.  However, Blackberry (Rubus fructicosus  L.), prized for its delicious jam and crumbles) is a useful medicinal herb.  The leaves are rich in tannins and […]

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Introducing the garden

Welcome to the first day beginning this blog. To put you in the picture, the physic garden is very much a work in progress and I am starting from scratch so-to-speak.  There are plants already growing here that are prescribed in our Materia medica and I will individually introduce them to you.  My main task, […]

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