Herbal Philosophy

Medical Herbalists recognise the body as a self-correcting, vitally assertive, powerfully resistive, integrated whole. All bodily functions are regulated by homeostatic mechanisms to naturally render the body tough, versatile and adaptable. The body possesses an inherent vital (life) force to protect, regulate, adjust and heal itself. Herbs are not single isolated medicines but contain a vast array of constituents that synergistically serve the homeostatic processes. Each case of dis-ease is a unique problem, therefore each person is treated according to their individual needs to raise their health and vitality, enabling the body to restore its homeostatic balance.

The first consultation will last one-and-half hours, subsequent follow-ups (three quarters of an hour) may be face-to-face or via the telephone. Consultations will be initially either at your home or in a private space agreed on by ourselves.

What to expect

I will conduct a thorough enquiry regarding your presenting problem, plus additional questioning regarding your health history and way of life. Medications are dispatched on Mondays. These may include tinctures, aromatic waters and/or dried herbs, and/or creams, and/or supplements etc.


£40.00 for the first consultation (1 & 1/2 hours)
£25.00 for the follow-up (3/4 hour), plus Medication.

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